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A Part Of The Profits Will Go To Defenders For Children Organization To Help Make A Direct Impact Against Child Abuse, Child Pornography & Trafficking.



We offer quality products for you, your family and your community.   Choose from a variety of items that will:

  • Improve Health 

  • Prevent Illness

  • Be Fun to wear

  • Make Great Gift


Part of the profits will support Defenders For Children's Program

A program that donates Electronic Detection K9's to Law Enforcement Agencies to assist during searches to locate hidden electronic devices.  The evidence is then used to identify and rescue children, prosecute sex offenders, traffickers, and child pornographers. 


Disinfect the Air You Breathe Help Keep Illnesses Away

Products that Drastically Reduce Viruses,  Bacteria, Mold & VOCs within the Air Purifier

  • Allergies

  • Viruses

  • Bacterias

  • Asthma

  • Mold

  • Odors

  • Pet Odor

  • Urine Odor

  • Chemicals

There are many facilities that need an immediate and portable solution to reduce a variety of air contaminants. Air Disinfection address all four sources of indoor air pollution; particles, gases, aerosols, biological, and odors. 

Typical Room Air Contaminant Reduction:

  • Particles greater than 99%

  • Bacteria greater than 93%

  • Total Volatile Organic Chemicals (TVOC) greater than 90%

  • Viruses greater than 99%


To Help Protect & Help Build Confidence

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Learn More About

Defenders For Children's efforts to help stop Child Abuse, Child Pornography & Trafficking.